Hello, Hr. Meaner here.

I'm an artist from Venezuela currently living in Copenhagen.

My collage work stems from an ongoing exploration into the subjects of sexuality, gender equality, identity, politics, and everyday life in Denmark as seen through foreign eyes, whereas my process is greatly influenced by a small number of improvisational principles, a creative framework that allows me to approach every idea with a playful and fearless mind.

My work has been exhibited in Copenhagen, London, and Edinburgh, and featured in Juxtapoz Magazine and Little Black Book. 

On occasion, I get invited to speak in front of friendly strangers about my work and how improvisation can spark creativity. If you would like to book me for talk/workshop, please get in touch. I'm always interested in speaking stuff.

Right, back to work. More coffee. More cutting and pasting. More coffee. And water.

Plenty of goddamn water.

* * * *


The Photo Collage Work of Hr. Meaner - Juxtapoz Magazine
Awards Shows: What's the Point? - Little Black Book 


2016 - Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
2016 - PechaKucha Copenhagen (Denmark)
2017 - Advance's Friday Vitamin (Denmark)
2017 - School of Communication Arts (UK)
2017 - Malmö Högskola (Sweden)
2017 - Republikken (Denmark)
2017 - HÅLL Design Festival (Sweden)
2017 - Sweet Sneak x Hr. Meaner Collage Workshop (Denmark)